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Aaron Romaine

When did you start working at Great Northern Bicycle Company?

Originally, I started in 1997 when we were Island Park Cycles on 8th street. I left after I got married in 2002 to become a teacher and taught for a few years. Bikes were calling my name and I came back to what is now called Great Northern Bicycle Company in 2015.

What are you best known for around the shop?

I’m not sure how everyone else relates to me, but when my kids come into the shop I’m papa and they come in quite a bit!

Why Bikes?

I had a horrible hand accident when I was younger, so my hand modeling days were over. I liked bikes so it just made sense! I also grew up in the bike industry. My dad had a shop and I started working there when I was 10 yrs. old before coming on board to Island Park Cycles.

What was your first bicycle and what do you remember about it?

My first ever bike was a 20” Huffy single speed with a banana seat and ape hanger handlebars. I rode the snot out of that bike and jumped everything I could. My best memory on it was when I felt I was old enough (6yrs) I took my training wheels off and started riding my bike to freedom. Free from training wheels!

What is your favorite local bike ride?

I have to opportunity to lead several rides at GNBC. I lead our Monday Family Ride, Wednesday road ride and in the winter our Winter Off Road Ride. If I had to narrow down my all-time favorite ride, it would be the road rides I’ve been able to take with my wife at the lakes last summer. Last year was her first year on a road bike and I had such a blast riding with her on the road locally and in Europe.

What is the coolest place your bike has taken you?

There’s too many, but l’Alpe d’Huez on the road was certainly on my bucket list. On the mountain I would have to say Mag 7 in Moab UT was probably the most challenging.

What is on the horizon?  Describe your next great cycling adventure.

I’m in the works to design a multi-day Fargo to Duluth trip utilizing as many bike specific routes as possible.

Favorite shop tool?

Repair Stand. I’m getting old and can’t bend over like I used to!

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Chicago style meat lovers with green olives!

Words to live by?

Love your wife. She can make anything look like an accident!

Current bike stable:

Currently I have 11 bikes in the stable, so I’ll narrow it down to the ones I ride the most;

  • Specialized Epic

  • Specialized S-Works Fatboy

  • Specialized S-Works Roubaix

  • Specialized Sequoia Pro

  • Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon

  • Raleigh Cadent I-8

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