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I learned to ride a bike without training wheels when I was 4, and that was just the beginning. Eventually I got a sweet blue 20 inch Huffy with sea shells on it, and I’d skid that thing until I wore holes through the tires, so my parents upgraded me to a Toy R Us Kawasaki with gears and shocks. I would go on bike rides around the neighborhood, ride to and from school, and later built up the courage to take it off some jumps, but biking became more than just something to do over the summer when I was bored. In high school I got an old Diamondback Outlook from my uncle, and I would bike a couple hours after school every day once Nordic Skiing was done and the snow was gone. Who needs to run circles around a track when you have a bike that you can ride along the trials through the woods and through town? Having a bike has always been a luxury that provided me with a means of exercise and freedom to go wherever and see new places and new things. Now that I’m in college, my bike has been a tool for me to discover Fargo and learn about the community I have around me. Lots of times I’ve just hopped on my bike to see where the road would take me, like to MB Johnson, the intertwining trails of Gooseberry and Lindenwood, and simply down Broadway to downtown, and sometimes I got lost and had no idea where I was going, but it comes with having an adventurous spirit. Now that I’ve added the Dolce Evo to the family, I named her Doris, the places I’ll see and discover is only limited by my imagination, and possibly my sense of direction.