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We are CLOSED 11/24/22 for Thanksgiving. We will be open normal hours on 11/25 and 11/26.

2021 Great Northern Bicycle Co. Pre-Sale Program

Thank you for your interest in purchasing your new bicycle from us at Great Northern Bicycle Co. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the current supply and demand challenges. Demand for bicycles remains high in 2021 while supply is slowly attempting to recover. Bikes arrive at our store weekly, but often not in large quantities. Therefore, we are thin on inventory in many of our popular models. In an attempt to offer customers the chance to put money down and get in line for a bike, we have launched our 2021 Bicycle Pre-Sale program. If you are interested in purchasing a bicycle from us in this manner, please read the remainder of this page in it's entirety.

Current Bike Order Status Updates

If you have already purchased a bike through our Pre-Sale program but you are wondering what the current status of that bike is, you can check right here! Bookmark this page and return often as we will be posting updates here frequently. Click either button below to see status updates sorted by name or by model.

**A quick note - you may see a new 'status' next to your bike in the update called "color swap" and wonder what this is. We have labeled bikes as a "color swap" when we have received a bike in our store that is the same model and componentry spec as what you initially put money down toward, but it is a different color than what you ordered. In most cases, the new model year means new colors and we are no longer able to get the color that you originally purchased. In other cases, it may mean the color we have received is just what has been produced and shipped so far with a chance that the original color still on its way. Either way, we are reserving these 'color swap' bikes for you so that you can stop by the store and have a look at the new color and see if you like it. If you do, it is yours! If not, we'll keep you on the list in your spot and the bike will go to the next person in line or make it's way to our sales floor.

Status Updates - Ordered              Status Updates - Ready

Once the manufacturer allocates us an allotment of bikes, they will provide us with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the arrival of those bikes to our store. That is the ETA we are giving on our lists here. You'll notice it when you click one of the buttons above and your bike status changes from "ordered" to "allocated". However, that ETA is an estimated arrival date and is not 100% accurate, so please take that into consideration. We also ask that you provide us at least two days beyond the actual arrival date so that we can check the bikes in, build them, and double check them before handing them off to you. Once we have the bike ready for you, we will send an email and your status on our list will change from "allocated" to "ready".

Our Commitment to You:

  • To provide you with your new bicycle, fully assembled, tested, and ready to ride as quickly as possible

  • To provide fair distribution of available bicycles to all those who are waiting

  • To utilize Great Northern Bicycle Co. industry-clout to serve LOCAL CUSTOMERS ONLY

  • To provide timely and accurate information about the production and availability of new bicycles

The GNBC Pre-Sale Process


When you visit our store you will notice that we have some bikes in stock! Unfortunately, not all of them will be available to take home that day - but it's not all bad news. We have decided to hold back some inventory in key sizes and colors in our most popular models. That way you can still see the physical bicycle in person and we can help you find the size that will fit you best. You can also test ride the bike to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Without this step, we'd be hovering around a computer screen and guessing at what size might fit you best. We feel this is important to offer to our customers so you can purchase your new bike with 100% confidence during these times of low supply.

Once you have decided on your perfect bike, you may pay as little as 25% of the retail price for your down payment. Then, you will officially be on our Pre-Sale list. Our Pre-Sale list will be fulfilled in order of first-come first-served for each individual size/color/model of bicycle.


You may have noticed that we have a brand new website and much improved webstore! We are excited to offer this new method of bike buying to our customers. Online you will be able to see all of the bikes that we have in our store as well as some that may not be here but are available for Pre-Sale.  If you would like to purchase a bike that we do not have available to purchase on our store, please call us at 701-280-1796. If you'd like to put the 25% down payment on that bike and get on our Pre-Sale list we can take your deposit by credit card over the phone.

And then, we wait...

But not in darkness. We have set up a database to track all those on the wait list and we will provide information to you on a regular basis. You’ll know just where you stand in the que as we’ll list customer first name as well as your GNBC customer number in the information we provide to all on the wait list (none of your other information will be shared). Basically, it’s like walking up to the hostess stand and taking a peek at how many are ahead of you as you wait for a table. 

We’ll post updates on when a bike in your model and size is allocated to us, when it gets prepared for shipping and when it’s on a truck headed this way. When we get a valid Pro Bill or Tracking number, we’ll contact you to confirm that you still want the bike. If the bike available is not in your first-choice color, we’ll ask you if you’d like to change color. If yes, the bike is yours, if not, you’ll return to the front of the que and the available bike will be offered to the next in line. This option to switch, is limited to color. The model and size that you have purchased and the date you do so will determine your position in the que. No ‘greasing of palms’ or ‘sweet-talking’ can change you place in the que.

Deposits are fully refundable during the wait period

Once your bike is in transit to our store, we’ll notify you by both telephone and email. You can cancel and receive a full refund any time until 72 hours after the notice of your bike in transit. If you cancel after that point, your deposit is 50% refundable with the other 50% remaining as a store credit.

PreSale bicycles are limited to 2 bikes per customer.

Thank you for your trust and understanding and rest assured that we will have you rolling as soon as possible. Stop in to talk with our staff; call us at 701-280-1796, or e-mail for more information.