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Gravel Routes

Gravel, gravel, gravel. It is everywhere around us in the Red River Valley but it can be tricky to find great routes. Let us help! Follow any of the red links below to find your next great gravel adventure. These are routes we ride and enjoy and that other riders in our community love too.

Are we missing your favorite local Fargo-Moorhead gravel route? Let us know! Send information about your route to

Fargo-Moorhead Gravel

North-East Moorhead Quick-Mixed
19.7 miles + 141 ft. elevation gain
This route is one of the quicker ways to get to gravel from the F-M Metro. Many more routes could be made in this area to the north as well.
South Moorhead Gravel
24.4 miles + 214 ft. elevation gain
This route is a great 50/50 road/gravel mixed ride straight south of Moorhead. There is a lot of gravel to explore in this area as well.
South-East Moorhead Gravel
31.9 miles + 195 ft. elevation gain.
This route takes advantage of the gravel between Highway 52 and Interstate 94. It goes as far south as Sabin, and could be extended further if you desire.
Sabin Gravel Loop
33.5 miles + 213 ft. elevation gain
This route essentially combines the South Moorhead and South-East Moorhead routes into one longer route, with a quick ride through Sabin, MN.
Georgetown Mixed
39.6 Miles + 204 ft. elevation gain
Just north of where the Buffalo River meets the Red River lies a very cool, old, truss bridge. This route will take you right over it at about the mid-way point of the ride, with some nice gravel roads throughout.
Georgetown 40
39.9 Miles + 239 ft. elevation gain
This route also features a crossing of the Georgetown bridge, but via a slightly different route.
Little Buffalo
36.1 miles + 317 ft. elevation gain
This is the most direct way to get to Buffalo River State Park utilizing mostly gravel roads.
Big Buffalo
42.6 miles + 311 ft. elevation gain
Maybe you want to go a little further on your trip to Buffalo River State Park? This is one way to extend the ride with more gravel.
Bluestem Prairie Gravel
44 miles + 419 ft. elevation gain
Straight East of us lies the Bluestem Prairie Nature Preserve. It is one of the most significant northern tallgrass prairie sites in the nation. This gravel route will take riders right near and around it, mostly on gravel roads.
Georgetown 45
45.7 Miles + 265 ft. elevation gain
One last example of how you can work in a crossing of the cool Georgetown bridge.

Hawley, MN Gravel

Hawley 25 Mile
24.2 Miles + 789 ft. elevation gain
This is a terrific route to introduce riders to the great gravel riding around Hawley.
Hawley 70 Mile
70.4 Miles + 3,259 ft. elevation gain
When you are ready for more Hawley gravel, try this route. More gravel, more minimum maintenance roads, more climbing - more to love!

Kindred, ND Gravel

Kindred 40
40.3 Miles + 870 ft. elevation gain
This is a great route just outside of Kindred, ND. Good gravel and a few interesting bridge crossings and prairie views.