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Kari Smith

When did you start working at Great Northern Bicycle Company?

Coming up on 30 years ago.

What are you best known for around the shop?


Why Bikes?

It makes me happy. It’s fast, planet friendly, and who doesn’t like the post ride food?

What was your first bicycle and what do you remember about it?

I bought my first bike with my own money. It was blue Schwinn and I rode it all over the place until I got my driver’s license. It took me a few years to return to the bike, but I now choose to leave my car at home and take my bike. I have lost count of how many bicycles I have owned since my blue Schwinn.

What is your favorite local bike ride?

I prefer north of Fargo over south of town, but it’s always best shared with a few WOW friends.

What is the coolest place your bike has taken you?

I think it is a tie between a bike tour to Chile and Argentina with children aged 1 and 4, and biking through Europe where people celebrate cycling.

What is on the horizon?  Describe your next great cycling adventure.

It is February when I am writing this, so my dream at the moment is a warm sunny bike ride with skinny tires.

Favorite shop tool?

My bike pump. I like to keep my tires pumped up so I don’t get a flat.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Sausage and pineapple.

Words to live by?

‘To bike, or not to bike: that is NOT a question.  Life is better when I ride.'‘

Current bike stable:

  • Specialized Ruby

  • Specialized Ruze

  • Specialized Diverge

  • Specialized Roulux