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When did you start working at Great Northern Bicycle Company?

Spring of 2018

What are you best known for around the shop?

My affinity for 90’s era Bridgestone bicycles.

Why Bikes?

So we don’t have to run.

What was your first bicycle and what do you remember about it?

Little red bike.  I learned to ride it without training wheels when I was 3 I think, so that is about all I remember about it.

What is your favorite local bike ride?

Wherever my bike takes me.  I mostly ride bike to get to where I want or need to go. I just try and mix up my routes and allow time to enjoy the ride.

What is the coolest place your bike has taken you?

Mostly just places in town I would never see in a car.  All the little back roads, paths, neighborhoods and parks that you just have to run into by way of a meandering bike ride.

What is on the horizon?  Describe your next great cycling adventure.

I bought a Specialized AWOL this winter and I’m eagerly awaiting nicer weather so I can take it on some bike packing adventures.

Favorite shop tool?

The 4-banger Allen tool is becoming a favorite.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

I have a soft spot for Duane’s.

Words to live by?

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe there are two kinds of people in this world and those who are smart enough to know better.

-Tom Robbins

~Still Life with Woodpecker 

Current bike stable:

  • 2017 Specialized AWOL Expert

  • 2008 Specialized Tricross Singlecross (converted to a straight bar rig)

  • Early 90’s Bridgestone MB-3

  • Early 90’s Schwinn Series 50 Paramount