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....So there I was on the side of the road about to lay down for a night's sleep in a random ditch somewhere within the Utah BLM when I realized....I'm kind of crazy about bikes to be doing something like this.  A few of us from GNBC were on a road trip to mountain bike in Moab this past fall (2016) and we didn't quite make it to town as planned after driving through the night from Fargo.  We were all exhausted, both from driving 20 hours straight and having just climbed a mountain as a little "leg stretch."  The road ditch idea was a little sketchy at first, but once I got tucked into my sleeping bag and looked up at the huge sky....there was no where else I would have wanted to be (especially in the back middle seat of the Excursion).  We spent the next six or so days in a more civilized campground and enjoyed some of the best mountain biking the world has to offer.  I was lucky enough to experience all of this because of the bicycle.

My bikes have taken me many places and introduced me to many awesome people.  I grew up with a few of them in rural Churchs Ferry, North Dakota on the family farm.  I was a gravel grinder before it was cool.  Sick gravel skids?  Yep.  Nasty gravel road rash?  Of course.  I took a prolonged break from the bicycle once I was introduced to it's motorized cousin - the dirt bike.  I started racing motocross when I was about 10 years old and had a blast with it.  But eventually the bicycle made more sense to me economically and healthfully.  I was introduced to mountain biking in 2014 and the obsession exploded.  I now race mountain bike in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series and it has filled the void that leaving motocross has left.  I also enjoy cruising the local trails with friends, sessioning a jump or feature, or doing some street goofin'.  I do some road riding here and there and really enjoy that, too, but nothing matches the joy of getting lost on a trail in the woods with some buds.

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Current Bike Collection

  • Specialized Camber Expert Carbon 29er
  • Specialized Allez Comp DSW
  • 90's Specialized Crossroads AKA "The Grocery Getter," purchased used after discovering it was a wheelie monster.
  • Grandpa Joe's old Schwinn