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Group Rides!

Group Rides & Events

Fat bike group rides rolling now! Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm at MB Johnson park until fat bike trails are no longer rideable.

Weekly Ride Schedule

Below are rides we do every week during the spring and summer months, with a short description of what you can expect if you are interested in joining us!


6:00 PM: Riding 101
Ride with our guides and learn about group riding. This is a casually paced ride that is perfect for riders who have never ridden in a group on the road before or those who want a casual pace. You'll learn about group ride etiquette including proper hand signals and drafting all while having some fun along the way. This ride is typically 10-12 MPH pace for a distance of around 10 miles. This ride is welcome to all riders and all sorts of bikes! Helmet required.


6:00 PM: Tuesday Social Ride
This is our most popular ride. There's always a friendly face to ride with on this conversationally paced group ride. Tuesday night rides typically average a 14-18 MPH pace over 20 to 25 miles covered. Road bike strongly recommended, helmets required.


6:00 PM: Wednesday Fitness Ride
If you have joined us on a Tuesday ride before and felt comfortable riding at the front of that group, our Wednesday Fitness Ride might be perfect for you! This ride isn't much different than our Tuesday ride other than a bit smaller bunch and a slightly higher pace. The ride has at least one regroup during the ride and is a no-drop ride. Wednesday night ride averages 16-20mph over 20 to 30 miles, depending on daylight. Helmet required for all riders.


6:00PM: W.O.W. Road Ride (Women On Wheels)
Women-only ride focuses on spinning & socializing. This is a 15-18 MPH pace, no-drop ride that typically covers 20 to 25 miles. Road bike strongly recommended, helmets required.

*Please Park in the Ramp if you are driving to the store for one of our group rides. The Garage is FREE after 5pm.*

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